Posted by: haivoltage | August 16, 2013

My new understanding of the Durable Approach

It’s been a while since I’ve written about this topic. My life has changed since 2011. I got married, moved back to the Netherlands to live and received the best in life: my first daughter Eliana. Since the moment that I realized that I was to become a father, durability got a different meaning. For me it is now the personal journey that we all travel and seek to compensate for the harmful patterns that we have developed and acquired in live.  These patterns have lead us to get stuck within ourselves and res

ulted in the pains we feel inside.

It is my goal to expose myself and individuals to knowledge, diets, exercises that make us ‘flow ag
ain’ inside us. This blog is now dedicated to share my experience for those who are interested into finding their own durable approach. For me it has now become a combination of:

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  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Vegetarian diet with wildlife edibles
  • Massages
  • Meditation

Why am I in search for this durable approach? Because I would like to show my daughter a different way of life where she can be more in touch with herself and nature.


Just of curiosity, do you feel stuck?

Posted by: haivoltage | September 8, 2011

Punk my Insurance

Since 3 months I’ve been consuting a new online insurance broker in Ukraine. Their mission is to become the online market leader and to upgrade the retail service level of insurance brokerage.

They requested me to consult them once a month on improving their online customer experience and social marketing strategy.

What did I do:
1. I looked at their current business process.
2. Discussed & upgraded their business process to provide much more online support to visitors.
3. Brainstorm with them how to implement these improvements without too much budget and the need to redevelop the system.

And we’s got such a great idea that will set their website apart from all Ukrainian online insurance brokers.

I cann’t say too much about it. But it will make the online experience much more personal!

Need to work out the specs for this service upgrade this week.

Posted by: haivoltage | May 3, 2011

I found something I like!

I Just recently discovered that I love  to work with new entrepreneurs that see a place for themselves in the new marketplace.

Somehow they seem to appreciate what I say, the questions I ask and what I propose; a durable approach for themselves to develop their own business.

Starting entrepreneurs set out with a feeling, a skill, a few good ideas… but they lack structure, balance, tactics and strategy

In this blog, I will share with you the ideas I helped them to formulate and the approaches I designed for them to build their own durable businesses. My entrepreneurs allowed me to share with you their vision, mission, elevator pitches, marketing ideas, etc…

Feel free to have a look and connect with me or the entrepreneurs. Who knows, you might just become an entrepreneur yourself 🙂

Posted by: haivoltage | May 3, 2011

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